Monday, April 26, 2010

Sharjah couple arrested in morality crackdown
Sharjah Police have arrested an allegedly unmarried couple who lived together and are thought to have had two children out of wedlock.

An official at Sharjah Police said the arrest came two days after the launch of a campaign targeting couples who live together illegally.


Srsly, SHJ P.D., WTF?


  1. Waow, we are living in so different worlds ! Aldous Huxley wasn't that so far from your world... :(

  2. What to do? It's the law. Many covertly ignore it, especially in relatively liberal Dubai (Sharjah is more conservative because it accepted Saudi money a while back). Many "partners" share rooms in the hotels, bringing in tourist cash. However, even in the more liberal emirates, all it takes is an envious, uptight, nosy, gossip-prone, arsehole of a neighbor ...

    Interestingly, Brit model Danielle Lloyd was in Dubai recently with her fiance, pregnant with his child. The pictures are all over the tabloids, but no one has arrested them yet. I guess you need to be at least a minor celeb to be granted exemption from the moral law.