Friday, April 9, 2010

Art Dubai 2010

The fourth Art Dubai for contemporary art, held at the beautiful Madinat Jumeirah, was quite ... Dubai. Apart from the emphasis on regional art, there were other major differences from international art shows.

One was the political censorship, which was kind of strange given that I saw some pretty political pieces at the Bastakiya Art Fair. And an art show with a Ladies' Day? Why does every other thing here have to have a Ladies' Area or a Ladies' Day? Like a bunch of despo boors could crash, of all places, an art fair.

But things looked good this year at Art Dubai, despite the economic climate. There were works by hundreds of artists from tens of countries, including some of the top galleries in the world.

As usual, there was strong representation by regional artists, especially by emerging Arab and Iranian artists, often with corresponding themes.

One could catch one of the regular artist-led tours, mine being the last available one. Led by the fleet-footed, mystery-mouthed (toy) laser-armed "Sci-Fi Wahabi", it was exceedingly brief, and we were sometimes literally running from exhibit to exhibit. Most intriguing and most befuddling.

There were not very many Indian artists' works on display (M.F. Husain's paintings were there, but he is now Qatari). This set "India Shining", featuring Gandhi wearing a call center headset and in an easy chair, was one of the few I did find.

Down at the Bidoun Lounge, visitors got to see Persian film shorts, as well as some local works by Emirati art filmmakers.

And here's my little artsy contribution, taken from a walkway near the venue ... "Sailing into the Past"

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  1. Thank you Sohan ! Art is universal !

    I like the last picture very much !