Saturday, June 22, 2013

Point of View rock concert feat. Bumblefoot at The Fridge

Although some folks pulled chairs from themselves out of the stacks at the back of The Fridge, there was still a majority standing audience when Point of View did their hard rock gig for the penultimate Fridge Concert Series concert. After performing a couple of songs, and jamming with members of Nikotin and Behold the Locus for a couple more, they were joined by the reason for the Guns N' Roses T-shirts seen on some audience members: Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal.

Fresh from their collaborative India tour (by hours, in fact, with Murphy's Law ensuring some of their instruments getting lost en route), POV and Bumblefoot performed together for the rest of the night. Apart from POV originals I'd heard before, and some classic covers, including "Sweet Child of Mine" (powered by Bumblefoot's singing), we also got to hear Revolutionize the Revolutionary's 11th track "Chainsaw" live, which I really liked for its fast tempo and guitar support.

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