Monday, June 10, 2013

Kurt Hentschläger with Campus Art Dubai at Pavilion Downtown

Last Sunday, Campus Art Dubai brought renowned audiovisual artist Kurt Hentschläger to Pavilion Downtown, where he presented and discussed some of his projects. The presentation included not only his independent work, but also his Granular Synthesis collaboration series.

A lot of these were really impressive, especially given that Hentschläger has made something of a name for himself in creating large-scale, immersive works. As well as a select few others, he spoke about two of them - CORE and ZEE - at length, noting how the former projected a hellish impression of mis-coordination and intrusion, while the latter facilitated the self-perception of disembodiment and loss of visual bearings that was described by some as heaven-like (those in whom it did not induce epileptic seizures, that is).

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