Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Anniversary of the (New) Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

The Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai celebrated its first anniversary last Wednesday. Well, first anniversary of being in Dubai Festival City anyway. I'm still somewhat bitter about what happened to the old HRC, but I guess we old timers can't keep living in the past (even if that past included a 20% discount).

So, this was my first visit to the place. The interior is vast, and I liked the high ceiling and color scheme. I did not have time to try any of the food, but I did enjoy a nice Irish coffee.

I missed a lot of the earlier portion of the festivities. including the entire performance of Darren Constable and almost all of that of Flames Reignited. I was, however, present for a good deal of the performance of the resident band, Smooth Criminals; they played rather well, and had an especially impressive lead vocalist.

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