Monday, October 22, 2012

Planning a Flash Mob? Just Don't Call It That.

Once again, we in Dubai are subjected to a "flash mob" (this time, a Gangnam Style dance) that is costumed and professionally choreographed to the last shoelace and shimmy. They did not even bother creating the semblance of a flash mob - the throngs that normally mill about the Dubai Mall were cleared from the runway atrium in advance, in order to let the dancers take up planned starting positions.

Fine, maybe there's not so much freedom of assembly here, and you have to get permission for this and that, but call it a "public dance" or something, instead of appropriating and diluting a term like "flash mob" just because it's trendy. The same goes for the term "open mic" being used to describe events with pre-approved scripts and pre-selected lineups.

Right Wing Gaffe on Obama's "Islamic Ring"

Looks like WND and ilk have gone off the deep end with the Obama has an Islamic Ring story, even though it has been thoroughly debunked as the wishful interpretation of a completely benign decorative pattern of straight and wavy lines. I strongly doubt they will retract this claim now, given how close it is to the election.

Photo credit: Miguel Villagran / Getty Images (June 5, 2009)
Retrieved from on Oct. 10, 2012

Ironically, the folks normally doing the job of seeing Islamic writings in any old pattern of a squiggly/stripey nature have been Muslims. And when these Muslims see Allah and Muhammad written in a sliced tomato and on a fish skin, the Christian right is more than happy to join in what is a completely justified mockery of a more-severe-than-usual case of religiously-driven delusion. But said Christian rightists have now revealed their hypocrisy, gleefully using the same ridiculous tactics when it comes to attempting demolition of a presidential candidate. They have shown themselves to be more desperate than even I could have imagined.

Monday, October 15, 2012

JK Kim Dong Wook - Bucket List

A lovely, deep song by opera-pop singer JK Kim Dong Wook, from the Scent of a Woman OST. What a unique and beautiful voice, for a unique and beautiful song.