Monday, June 10, 2013

Nadine Artuhanava and Viktoriya Zaharieva concert at The Fridge Concert Series

Artuhanava and Zaharieva

The Fridge's 13th Concert Series performance last week was a classic duo of strings and keys, with violinist Nadine Artuhanava (who, by the way, played a short set during BOLDTalks Woman 2013) and pianist Viktoriya Zaharieva (who has a musicology PhD) pairing up for this classical concert. After Bach's baroque violin and Chopin's piano ballade solos by the respective instrumentalists, they demonstrated practiced dexterity and good coordination as a duo with a few more pieces, including a Grieg sonata and a rapid succession of Bartok-composed Romanian folk dances, ending the evening on Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 5 as an encore.

Stoyanov, Artuhanava and Zaharieva

One of the pieces they played - and a highlight of the evening - was the local debut of a decade-old competition-winning composition by locally-based composer and prolific pianist Stoyan Stoyanov. With its dynamic shifts and striking progressions, I think it would make a great score for a good dramatic film or such.

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