Saturday, June 22, 2013

Osang concert and comedy at Rocky's Cafe TECOM

Jeffrey "Osang" Soliven, made famous through his X Factor Philippines performance, made Ramee Rose Filipino bar Rocky's Cafe his penultimate stop on his Ramee/Regent Dubai tour. Rocky's, which is conveniently in my 'hood, has a somewhat limited menu of Filipino food, but the resident band Off Limits made it worth a previous visit. After the band's set, Osang started his performance. The stand-up comedy was mostly in Tagalog, so there was very little for me there. I can imagine it was good for Tagalog-speakers, as he had stage presence and charisma. His singing, on the other hand, was very entertaining - not in the least, his Tagalog version of a popular dance fad song.

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