Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fresh Plush

Two new additions to my collection of plush icons.

On the left is Camella the (obviously) camel, apparently a Middle Eastern attempt at a localized version of "Hello Kitty". Like HK, she too has a dedicated store with shelves and shelves of assorted image-branded merchandise.

On the right is Pucca, the star of the web flash animation series of early last decade. It took me a while to find her. I found Mashi-maro too, but he was available in sizes way too large for my collection.


Added by popular demand. The woman with the gold mask is Umm Khamaas, a character from the Dubai-based animated series Freej, while the yellow guy dressed in blue is the mascot of Dubai Summer Surprises, Modhesh. The camel is just some cute piece of tourist merchandise, and the grey cat is from Pets@Work. The plush creature with the googly eyes and white shirt is some apparently culturally significant merchandise icon I found in Luxembourg.