Friday, April 30, 2010

Clash of the Titans (2010)

Genre: Action & Adventure
After the flurry of negative reviews regarding the attempted 2D-to-3D conversion of this film, I decided not to totally waste my money and go for the 2D version. The film is definitely a visual masterpiece, with fast-paced multi-angle battle scenes and spectacular sweeping outdoor views. I am quite skeptical, however, of much of the costume design, especially the armor. The Greeks seem to have used up all the ancient world's supply of kohl for they eyes. And why was Zeus dressed as a Cylon?

Regarding the myth on which this was based, it was ok on a lot of important points, but someone really needs to tell the writers that the legendary Perseus did become a king, and in fact has a major Hellenic dynasty named after him. Other than that, the new Kraken was magnificent, and I liked the characterization of Medusa in this version better than the one in the original stop-motion film, but what the flip was Io doing in this story? I mean, someone had to do the talky background/introduction bits, but that could be have been achieved in more subtle ways. And some of the lines in the film were aggrandized to the point of sermonizing.

Ah, well. See it for the visuals, see it for the action, but leave your brain at the concession stand.

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  1. I love such action and special effects movies. Too bad for the lack of scenario but well, this is quite rare to have both... Thanks Sohan !