Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Luuuuke, who's your daddaaay?

I was exiting a movie theater when I felt the Force guide me to the merchandise section. Then I heard a voice saying "Lightsabers, you need. Cough up the dough, you must."

Kenobi vs. Vader, the famous duo from the first duel in the first Star Wars film. Yes, they light up on command, hum when you move them, and shriek when you hit stuff. It took me a few paralytic injections to temporarily wipe the grin off my face for this here photo. Now I just have to find/make a mount for these babies.


  1. How much, how much? Hmm.. I thought it would be longer...

  2. 56 SGD a pop.

    Yeah, they're not too long, but good enough for a play-fight. The length does not bother me a lot, but I wish the whole blade section would retract into the handle, instead of all except the last segment.