Saturday, May 4, 2013

#FORTLOM First Ladies

Last week, #FORTLOM, or For The Love Of Music, took us back in time with an all-female music night, titled "The First Ladies". Those of us who were at the first #FORTLOM in 2011 will remember that it was all about the ladies then too, titled "Femme Fatales", and preceded by a nifty little promo video. Since then, I think there have been two or three #FORTLOM events, depending on the definition, at the usual Music Room venue.

Noush Like Sploosh

Actually, the only act from that show to return to #FORTLOM was Noush Like Sploosh, performing some of her portfolio with a new cellist, including 3 Act Circus and Lonely at Night (the video for the latter of which was recently on the loop at Sikka). I rather liked how her music is divided into unique movements, almost like classical composition. The roadwork crew outfits added an interesting touch.


Dana Dajani and Layla Khodjasteh were next up as the duo act Floetics, entertaining us with words both spoken and sung, backed by their instrumental trio. By popular demand, they closed their slot with the very tongue-in-cheek and very relatable "Arabian Boy". Dajani is, of course, known about town for her work with spoken word and drama, which Khodjasteh's sung refrains nicely complemented to create their own brand of "floetry".

DD Fox

After a dance/pop vocal performance by DD Fox, and hip-hop solos and duets by Sasha and N1yah (DJ Bliss' musical proteges, as it were), the event wound down with performances by two talented female singers, both of whom had apparently tied for the top spot in some kind of vocalists' competition (and both of whose names escape me at the moment). The emcee, Sheena Kay of Radio 1, also surprised us with a rather nice closing song, while DJ Trina kept the 90s spinning between acts.

Sheena Kay

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