Monday, May 27, 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness

Opinion is somewhat split on the whole reboot, but considering how crappy many pre-reboot Star Trek movies have been, Into Darkness is actually pretty good, and is definitely better than its immediate predecessor.

I watched this one at the Ibn Battuta's IMAX 3D only after much convincing that the post-conversion 3D did not stink (I hate post-conversion 3D). It didn't, thankfully. My only major complaints are the gratuitous Alice Eve changing scene and the unnecessary Spock/Spock video conference. Benedict Cumberbatch pretty much stole this show, lovingly polishing each syllable in gravel before finally unleashing it. The other actors did well too. The opening chase scene was great, and the plot in general was written well, with many more twists than your average Star Trek film. There were a couple of nice homages to earlier Star Trek films as well.

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