Friday, May 24, 2013

Alternative Rock Festival at The Music Room

I don't think I've seen The Music Room as packed as I did last Friday at Charged's Alternative Rock Festival. What a night!
Shaun Holton


Shaun Holton from Projected Twin and Manjeet (whose birthday it happened to be) from Red House kicked off the event with solo progressive and acoustic rock sets.

No delays in hitting the afterburners as EP-launching band AKB (Alpha Kenny Buddy outside official circles) sprayed hot metal all over the place. A mosh erupted in front of the stage, and there was just this immense energy both onstage and offstage.

POV kept the momentum going with the title track from Revolutionize the Revolutionary, Alien Ant Farm's rearrangement of Smooth Criminal, and more.

Chronicles of Khan was next, returning after a couple years with a rhythmic rock sound and monstrous instrumental finish.

Kicksound followed with hard rock.

Goddamn Electric was last but not least in the least, with superb instrumentals and vocals. Hope to see more of them in future.

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