Friday, May 3, 2013

The Market of Everything IV

This one got postponed for quite a while because of road work outside. There have also been some structural modifications to Traffic that probably needed to be gotten out of the way. I also noticed that there weren't as many performances as last time, although it was as good a market as any prior.

Unlike your regular flea market, there's a lot of unusually artistic and offbeat stuff available here (including, this time, actual Traffic furniture). I picked up a couple of books and some surreptitiously-imported condiments.

I was famished, so I was eagerly awaiting the start of the Boodle Fight. It's apparently some kind of Filipino military dining ritual in which everyone picks and eats food off the same leaf-covered table, regardless of rank. There were hefty portions of fragrant rice, chicken, and many kinds of seafood from which to choose. Yummy.

A very swinging musical atmosphere was provided by Eddie Misk's Swing n' Jive Combo and Alexandra Valls' Gypsy Swing Project, both of which featured the dynamic and dramatic double bass talent of Lakshmi Ramirez.

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