Saturday, July 6, 2013

Resuscitation Theatre stages One More Try by Saleh Karama

Abu Dhabi's experimental/contemporary theater group, Resuscitation Theatre, staged Emirati playwright Saleh Karama's play One More Try last Wednesday at the Abu Dhabi National Theatre. The play, directed by Maggie Hannan, starred a tight cast of four, and ran ten short of an hour.

Khristene Astoriano as Baya, Sanoop Dinesh as the guard, Prabhath Dhevindra as Toufic

It was about the rather odd circumstances and encounters of a woman, Baya, who is in prison after killing her husband for cheating on her with her best friend, Betina. Betina later visits her and shares a cordial chat. Her lawyer, Toufic, is a conflicted and frustrated man, who seems to be trying to mess with her mind, which she variously deflects and reciprocates. The unnamed prison guard spends most of his time in the background, engrossed in closed circuit surveillance and interpretive dance.

Khristene Astoriano as Baya, Nancy Awar as Betina

Khristene Astoriano did a very commendable job playing Baya, her ample theater experience showing in her portrayal of this seemingly fatalistic character. I also liked Sanoop Dinesh's prison guard, well-choreographed and fluid as he was. Aside from a few lines sounding forced, it was an enjoyable experience in its genre, especially towards the end.

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