Thursday, July 11, 2013

Entre les Murs at The Scene Club

The Scene Club's monthly screening of independent film continued in July with Entre les Murs (literally, "between the walls", but titled in English as The Class). It's not hard to see why it has been reviewed so glowingly. For one thing, high school is subject matter to which almost anyone can relate. Furthermore, the way this particular subject matter is handled is very mature. That is, it is not your typical high school film, focusing on clique and cliche. Nor is it preachy on some socio-economic issue.

Rather in line with its documentary-style cinematography, it is a depiction of fairly ordinary term for a fairly ordinary bunch of students taught by fairly ordinary faculty of schoolteachers, mostly following the daily life drama in one class on the French language. The genius is in keeping the occurrences and dialogue very believable, and carrying it through with extremely good acting down to the smallest role. This makes the two and something hours of running time enjoyable - almost surprisingly, given the barest hint of a plot. Highly recommended.

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