Sunday, July 7, 2013

Floetics spoken and sung at PizzaExpress JLT

Dana Dajani and Layla K

Dana Dajani's spoken word and Layla K's sung lyrics mingled under blue and red light, the Floetics duo's show ringing in venue PizzaExpress JLT's first weekend as a licensed establishment. With Jeremiah & The Lucky Strikes providing accompaniment, they combined poetic stanzas with refrains from pop hits like Wicked Game and Valerie in a pleasantly unique performance, and in what I believe is their first gig as headliners since they began performing a little over a year ago.

Pizza Calabrese

PizzaExpress JLT is a fairly easy place to get to. I was happy to return after good gastronomic and musical experiences during my first visit, which was on International Jazz Day this year, and which featured a casual string of jam sessions. We tried the Calabrese pizza this time, and enjoyed its delightful piquancy, fresh cheese and delicious sausage.

Floetics ended their show with their playful original "Arabian Boy", which makes for a great showcase of their respective skills. Video of it embedded here (not my own):

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