Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DUMM launches 90 Degrees North at Story Rooftop Lounge

Knowledge Village does not have very many entertainment options, but Dubai Underground Music Movement (DUMM) is looking to start changing that by launching a weekly Wednesday house music night at Story Rooftop Lounge on the top floor of Holiday Inn Express DKV --- incidentally, a short walk from my place.

The venue has undergone a major makeover from its days as the restaurant known as Vista -- itself a recommended destination. I had, in fact, dined there about a year ago. Arriving a bit before sunset got me a nice view of the last rays, as well as a happy hour rate. The food menu is small, and purportedly Peruvian; to my great joy, they did have piquillo peppers, although I wish they were stuffed with the cheese, and not buried under it.

The view around is lovely; you can see the Cordoba residences, DKV, the sea, and the buildings of The Palm. It gets even better at night. I also liked the results of the aforementioned interior decoration makeover, which gives it a colorful, boho look inside. They seemed to have some difficulties with the outdoor speakers; I hope those get fixed soon, because the music was good, and the terrace would be an even better place to enjoy it.

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