Saturday, January 25, 2014

Checking out Impact Hub Dubai

I went to Souk Al Bahar during the weekend to have a look at the latest entrant in Dubai's non-traditional work space: Impact Hub.

It was their "liftoff" week, and everything was wide open. I like the look of the place; it's bright, spacious and open, with colorful lines of contemporary furniture. While the Hub does offer the usual campus/incubator experience (for a membership fee), its core value proposition is its network of global connections with other Hubs; in fact, the basic membership level centers around access to mainly that, with slabs added on for varying amounts of access to physical space.

It's much larger than just the central hall, with numerous satellite rooms suiting diverse aesthetics and space requirements, and an outdoor space and majlis on the cards. Mindful of the wide variety of cafes and restaurants sharing the Souk al Bahar, the Hub has no food service, instead placing only a self-service convenience snack/beverage bar within the campus.

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