Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIGITAL trance night launch at Mansion

Bravely scheduling a full-on EDM-o-rama on a school night, Dubai's Audio Project and other collaborators launched a Saturday weekly trance party they call "DIGITAL" at the Mansion club in Melia Hotel.

Despite the Saturday night timing, quite a few trance fans showed up and stayed till late. Probably because DJs Usef Nader and Barrie Birse kept up a strong momentum through the night with seamless, high-energy music, thanks to which I too stayed longer than I originally intended. A really pretty elevated DJ platform with front and rear visual effect screens helps one forget the rebar Borg cube behind the dance floor. Good all-trance music with a mostly trance-friendly ambiance is rare here, so this one is a raver's reason to rejoice.

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