Saturday, December 21, 2013

Youth talent at the GYEM Open Mic Nite

It's the kind of talent you won't see at your neighborhood bar's open mic -- primarily because most of these kids would not be allowed in. And there is plenty of talent, given a public platform once in a while thanks to the Global Youth Empowerment (GYEM), one of the city's culture hubs for young 'uns.

The event at thejamjar went over half an hour beyond its planned closing time, as act after act took turns on the stage to entertain several dozen attendees with usually great music and positive messages. One could witness a diverse range of instrumental and vocal abilities in multiple genres, from the likes of Scott Attew, Physical Graffiti and David Beats Goliath. There was also a little beatboxing and a lot of rap, including some Arabic rap, a bit of rap theatre, and a stunning rap-off near the end. It was a serious display of talent, and a testament to the drive of those too young to drive, impressing even a borderline fogey like me.

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  1. Hey! This is JC from GYEM. Thank you for coming to our Open Mic Nite and for featuring it on your blog. We truly hope that you've enjoyed our event. We will be doing this every month. Until next time! :)

    By the way, would you mind changing it to Global Youth Empowerment as that is now our official name?