Monday, December 30, 2013

DMI shoots landmark Dubai Laughing Pilot

Adnan Nalwala, Nitin Mirani and Khalid Khalifa

Dubai's comedy scene ended the year on a milestone, with a pilot being shot by Dubai Media Inc for what we all hope will be the first locally-sourced and -produced English-language stand-up comedy TV series. A diverse cast drawn from among some of the most prolific stand-up comedians in Dubai -- Omar Shams, Salman Qureshi, Maher "Jokah" Barwany and Rayan H Karaky -- were in the lineup of Dubai Laughing, emceed by Komic Sutra's Nitin Mirani.

Being a studio audience member at the pilot shoot was much more fun than my last experience in a studio audience, which was for Judge Mathis. I had a genuinely good time; there were lots of sincere laughs despite having already heard some of the material from the same performers at various open mics and comedy shows around Dubai. It also gave me an opportunity to see a couple of acts I had not previously seen, including some clever jokes by Saudi comic Khalid Khalifa, and the animated humor of Indian comic Adnan Nalwala.

An additional note of praise should be reserved for local thespian Gordon Torbet, in recognition of his valiant (and not infrequently effective) efforts to warm us up and keep us warmed up during breaks and while production issues were being sorted out.


  1. Cheers Sohan. It was a pleasure, if occasionally nerve-wracking - being called on to be funny without much prep! But a great audience as well. Fingers crossed for the series.

  2. Thanx bud...Always good to see u in the audience