Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kamal Musallam & Friends showcase Homemade in Rome at Tamanya Terrace

Dubai-based musician, composer and producer, Kamal Musallam, together with a multinational complement of jazz musicians and a flamenco dancer, continued with the launch tour of their new album Homemade in Rome today, playing against the gorgeous backdrop of the head of the Dubai Marina as seen from the Tamanya Terrace at Radisson Blu Media City.

The playlist centered on the album's fusion jazz with Arabic and Spanish influences, but included a little music from older albums. Kamal switched between the guitar and his trademark electric oud, backed by band members Israel Varela, Marcello Allulli and Daniele Cappucci playing jazz instruments. They were joined for a few numbers by flamenco dancer Karen Lugo, who provided both visual and auditory embellishments to the onstage music with her energetic synchronized dance and footwork. There was also an interlude with a percussion duel between her and Varela on the drums. Good music, good venue, good fun.

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