Tuesday, November 5, 2013

co.mmission #1 at DUCTAC Art Forum

DUCTAC launched the first (and apparently, urban-themed) installment of its co.mmission series in the Art Forum today. The featured artists of #1 were Dubai-based Vikram Divecha and Berlin-based Carla Mercedes Hihn, and the talk took place as an informal moderated chat with the two hosts, interspersed with audience Q&A.

Fresh from a residency in Istanbul, and with the support of the local Goethe Institute, Hihn has spent her Dubai residency pasting photographs from the city in a mixed media work on plexiglass, extending them with see-through painting. During the talk, she described some of her similar past work, and talked about the unique experience of city life as an artist-in-residence in Dubai.

I was especially keen to hear what Divecha had to say, having seen the fabricated sections of road from his Urban Epidermis exhibition in Traffic last year. He described what he had to go through in order to make the works for that exhibition, and also talked about a fascinating installation he had created this year by transplanting bricks from a section of a major bus terminal to an historical courtyard located minutes away. Apparently, it's still there - which is a good thing, because I seem to have missed it during Sikka.

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