Friday, November 1, 2013

Swing music and dance nite at The Magazine Shop DMC

Cafe culture and workspace nomads of Dubai will feel at home in the Magazine Shop, a charming little magazine-and-coffee spot located at the southern edge of the Pearl in Media City. It features the same Panton chairs as did the erstwhile Shelter, and tables very similar to those seen at The Archive. The standard coffee menu is extended with some interesting, but not too exotic, concoctions, helpfully illustrated in a graphics panel on the front of the till desk. Brackets cradling several dozens of magazines line two of the walls.

Tonight was Swing Night, with hours of live swing music performances and jamming by a diverse host of musicians. Plenty of standards from the golden age of swing made the playlist, enthusiastically performed by The Swingin' Aces and their ever-animated bassist, Lakshmi Ramirez.

Having opened with a swing gig two months ago, and due to host another swing night on the 19th at their DIFC branch, The Magazine Shop seems to be a patron of this genre, which is good news for its fans. Dancers of Dubai-based dance group Lindy-hop were also on hand to complete the Roaring Twenties ambiance, mixing and matching partners, and kicking, spinning and jiving for as long as there was music.

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