Thursday, September 19, 2013

September at The Laughter Factory

I had performed as a warm-up last year in Singapore with funny Eastender Imran Yusuf as part of Comedy Club Asia's line-up. Having witnessed that, I could not miss his first ever run in Dubai (incidentally, on his way to Singapore again), as part of the lineup of The Laughter Factory. Imran, quite physical and emphatic, had some nice new material since I watched him last, especially the hilarious bit about being a godfather to a child of Christian parents, and other funny bits about his South Asian heritage. He had some long build-ups to punchlines, although the patience pays off.

Diminutive caulkhead Andy Askins was up next, and I think he easily stole the show. He had some incredibly clever material and off-guard punchlines that he delivered in an awkward, soft-spoken sort of deadpan. His black humor songs sealed the deal.

Mark Walker, on the other hand, seemed a bit too reliant on, well, graphic humor for my tastes. While he had undeniable stage presence, apart from a few bits about British vs American English and scouse mannerisms, I did not quite find the material to my liking.

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