Thursday, September 5, 2013

A very mysterious Cafe Scientifique Dubai

Cafe Sci Dubai's fifth event took place at the usual Lila Cafe on Friday, delving this time into a number of topics with one thing in common: mystery. The founders began with their introductions: Rohan Roberts sinking into black holes, dark matter, abiogenesis and whale beachings, and Raya Bidshahri pondering beauty and consciousness as evolutionary and neurological phenomena. Two videos were screened around the open discussion/meet-and-greet period: one about multiverse theory and extraterrestrials, and the other about black holes.

Following these, a moderated discussion was held about time dilation, stereoscopic vision, and whatever else attendees could come up with. Yes, a few of these could be looked up on the web in great detail, but many attendees' perspectives were rather insightful. Further fun was had during the post-event wind-down, when we played a little game I improvised by applying the game of charades to scientific terms instead of films and such.

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