Monday, September 16, 2013

Expo Sciences International 2013 at ADNEC Abu Dhabi

I checked out the 3-day Expo Sciences International student science fair in ADNEC during a free morning in Abu Dhabi. A lot of students had been flown in for this event, some even representing their countries in their national costumes and handing out mini freebies from back home.

The expo had a noticeably large Latin American representation, which was nice to see for the development of that region. It seemed like every other booth was run by Mexicans, and many of them had interesting original ideas or localized applications of existing ideas. Quite a few entrepreneurs as well, and a few others with explicitly entrepreneurial ambitions.

I saw a lot of schoolchildren being bused into the venue in uniform. While that was a good initiative, I would have liked more members of the non-school-going public to visit. Given the 9-to-6 open hours of the expo on three working days, I doubt that would have been possible. Too bad; science is not just for schoolchildren.

Many ideas presented there were very ingenious, and some were a little scary.

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