Saturday, September 7, 2013

Battle of the Best Season 1 short plays at DUCTAC

The first season of the SocialCiti short play event ambitiously titled "Battle of the Best" ended today after an elimination round the previous day. I came in with somewhat low expectations, having attended the teaser in early July; it included a number of rough-around-the-edges and downright awkward plays that sullied the event.

I guess some of them had been dropped before and during the elimination round, making for what turned out to be a fairly enjoyable final show. The remaining plays were entertaining and generally well-executed, but for the frequent use of mood lighting effects and melodramatic music cues, which I found to be somewhat distracting and obstructive to the suspension of disbelief.

Ek Mulakat

Among the English language plays, I really liked the first one, Finger Food. It was cleverly written and appropriately cast. I also liked The Postman for the writing and the theme. Ultimately, though, I ended up voting for the one-scene Ek Mulakat, a play in a language I could only partially understand, primarily based on the acting and the implied drama.

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