Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jankura-Roberts-West jazz organ trio

This past season has set a new gem into Dubai's live music scene: a jazz organ trio. Saxophonist Matt West, drummer Eric Roberts and (of course) organist Andrew Jankura comprise the group that brings the Hammond jammin' to the city -- twice a week, to boot.

At Jazz@PizzaExpress JLT

The trio normally play at Jazz@PizzaExpress in JLT with a vocalist, but I caught them on a night without one; Roberts contributed vocals for few songs, though, while exhibiting laudable drumming skill. Jankura's Hammond jazz was rich and intense, especially in the second set, complemented well by West's saxophone. They played a bunch of full-length organ jazz tunes that took me back to a wintry Chicago, while mixing in a few out-genre numbers for variety.

At Blue Bar DWTC

For those who want something bluer, cozier and more casual, they also bringing jazz back into Novotel DWTC's Blue Bar in a late Saturday night gig (about 10:30pm).

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, I wish more people in Dubai would embrace the Organ Trio....