Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chocolate chicken and herbaceous falafel

Food-wise, this week had me sample some of the new, as well as re-sample some of the old.

The day I got back from China, I went to Cactus Cantina at Wafi Pyramids to celebrate a birthday. A lot of the menu is indeed the popular type of Mexican cuisine -- quesadilla, enchilada and the like -- but I was hankering for something to take me back to that winter holiday in the Yucatan. This urge was satiated when I tucked into the one truly Mayanesque item on the menu: pollo en mole poblano, the delicious Chicken with (non-sweetened) Chocolate Sauce. Oh, and they have margarita pitchers too.

At the end of the week, I took a couple of friends down to my old 'hood in Deira, to what many (certainly the numerous friends and relatives I have brought down there) agree is the best falafel place in Dubai: Sultan Dubai. And it's not just the melt-in-the-mouth herb-filled falafel that rules here, because the liver, qudsiya, ful and shawarma are amazing too. Seating is outdoors-only, so the cooler months are better for this place. Service is also a bit sparse, so you may have to pop in and out of the counter/serving area to grab cutlery (scooping directly out of common bowls is apparently the norm) or make/track orders. But the aforementioned amazing falafel and other items, along with the unpolished Old Dubai atmosphere of the place, totally make it worth the few challenges.

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