Monday, March 17, 2014

Palestinian-American comedy night

Due to the flu and other commitments, I was only able to catch the stand-up comedy night of the Dubai Palestinian community's cultural week, "This is Palestine", hosted by Dubomedy's Mina Liccione. Not too tragic, as comedy is quite relevant to my interests.

Maysoon Zayid is an inspiring woman, but I guess I needed to brush up on my Palestinian-dialect Arabic to understand much of her act. I probably should have expected a little 3rabiya at a Palestinian event, though. I did like her bit about flying with her symptoms combined with her father's send-off antics; I guess most of the rest of the funnies were in Arabic.

I had no trouble understanding Amer Zahr, though; he didn't use a whole lot of Arabic, and used gestures or repetition to translate where he did. And his set was a riot; in retrospect, I really should not have come to his show with the wheezes, as I was soon struggling for breath. I loved his Dad jokes and the hilarious account of his trip to rural Palestine, and how he was able to bring back earlier jokes for a smashing finale dash.

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