Saturday, March 1, 2014

Office colors at Mottahedan Projects

The colors and lines in these works leapt out of the brightly-lit Mottahedan Projects gallery at the bend of of Al Joud Center in Al Quoz, grabbing attention across the intersection -- an intersection I had swung through numerous times to get to The Courtyard, I realized, without knowing the gallery existed. Well, I now do.

Within were displayed several paintings by Andrzej Zieliński, along with a couple of sculptures, under the title You Are Disconnected, Would You Like To Proceed?. The bold colors and the hint of Cubism in the projection of the familiar machines depicted in the paintings speak to a somewhat retro aesthetic, with the paintings standing out thanks to an often multi-hued and furrowed texture (from the scraping of thick paint layers), and the occasional inclusion of actual 3D objects on their surfaces.

His sculptures extend these techniques to the third dimension of edges and interior surfaces. His use of a rough-hewn rock tile base to support sheet plexi and machined metal technologically-themed structures is particularly intriguing there.

This exhibition will apparently only run for another couple of weeks (I'm guessing this means until the beginning of Art Season), so I would highly recommend checking it out before then.

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