Saturday, March 15, 2014

Backstage passes Exam

I watched the matinee show of Backstage's theatrical version of the film Exam today. The play, directed by Ahmed Rabieh, is cast in the mold of Cube and such, with a therefore somewhat predictable ending for those acquainted with this genre. Even so, there are plenty of twists throughout to keep the audience interested, starting from mere minutes into the play. One thing I liked about the writing is the world in which the play is set, which is gradually revealed later in the play, to much impact.

The character's archetypes and motivations, and the nature of the test are also slowly unraveled throughout. The acting quality and flow improved as the play picked up momentum; Amod Munga and Meera Almidfa were especially impressive. Costumes, set and props were good, and the play was executed commendably for all its technical demands.

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