Friday, November 26, 2010

LMV Spoof: Making Love Out of Nothing at All


Magic Photo Dance ... Dunuh Nunuh Nunuh!


  1. Ohlala, what is this weird video Sohan ? haha !

  2. LMV=Literal Music Video.

    You see, some music videos are way too cheesy to be taken seriously, with silly effects, locations, actions and characters thrown in as desperate attempts to fill up screen time. ref:

    In LMV, the humor comes from forcing the lyrics to fit in with what's actually being depicted in the video.

  3. Oh I think that the video itself and the man who realized it are seriously criticized too :p

  4. Well, I wouldn't call it "criticism" per se. It's all in good fun. Apparently 80's and early 90's videos are especially prone to this sort of treatment, since the music video as an industry necessity began with the creation of MTV in '81, which resulted in a rash of hastily-made and/or "experimental" videos.