Sunday, August 1, 2010

UAE Regulator To Suspend BlackBerry Services From Oct 11
Emirates Telecommunications Corp., or Etisalat, the country's biggest telco, said in an emailed statement that it fully understands the legal and social considerations behind the U.A.E. regulator decision.

"In line with its commitment towards its customers, Etisalat will soon be announcing a range of alternative mobility products and services for its existing blackberry customers," it added.

Dubai-based Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Corp., or Du, said in a statement on WAM that it would fully comply with the TRA's instruction.

The reaction from members of the local business community Sunday was far from understanding.


"In my business time is money, the more time I have to spend in the office to email rather than send an email from any location means I will lose money," he added.



  1. What were the reasons for suspending it?

  2. The state telecom authority wants to monitor data going to and from the UAE through Blackberry. Blackberry won't let them.