Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Project MEGA

Having had my interest in Project MEGA sufficiently raised by the exhibition in DIFC this May, I managed to catch the last MEGA customization workshop held by DUCTAC in MoE today.

As I recall, I was busy designing my own hanfu shortly after this time last year, so I decided to paint my MEGA with hair buns (frustum-shaped, actually, due to the shape of the MEGA's ears), and use glue and the fabric DUCTAC staff kindly found for me to construct a dark blue hanfu for "MEGA gong zhu".

Took a bit of trial and error, some corrections, and some unfortunately hurried painting in the end, but I am proud of her.

Note: Many of the MEGA in the exhibit were customized by actual artists, using their own materials, and in more than just three hours. I just worked by myself with what I was given in that much time.


  1. nice! What materials were used?

    And um.... what character is that supposed to be? At first glance I thought it was the Count from Sesame street... that is until I looked closer. :P My bad, sorry.

  2. The figurine is made of semi-pliable vinyl. I think the paints are acrylic. The hanfu is made of some thick cloth they found for me - not sure what fabric. I had to work with what I could find at the DUCTAC art centre, so I did the "sewing" using glue. But now that I have it in my possession, I can continue to work on it.

    Character? I dunno. Some kind of princess, perhaps?