Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whose Line Is It Anyway: Three-Headed Broadway Star

One of the greatest shows on yesteryears TV. And in my opinion, the greatest comedy show on TV.

One of the best games on it was the "three-headed broadway star", which really defined the kind of creativity and spontaneity that characterized this improv show. Here are three of my favorite acts, which still get me everytime I watch them.


Colin: "He stole my 'you!'"


Wayne: "I'm going way over the 'abyss' limit."


Wiggling ... FREEEEEE!


  1. This is the best comedy cum talk show I've ever watch..esp the musical.
    me and my sons love this show, but now lost track of the broadcast date and time in SCV...

  2. Whose line is it anyway is really funny but have not watched it for quite some time already. I am in the Blackadder phase right now.

  3. Hear, hear, one of the few American comedy shows I truly enjoy.

  4. That she is. They usually choose a nubile lass as the target of affection/embarassment for this particular game.

  5. I shared your clips with jon and he was laughing all the way...