Sunday, May 10, 2009

Visit to the Pet Store: Wook at teh bebe kittehz

I found these adorable kittens at a pet store called Excellence in front of the Abu Dhabi Mall. It's kind of rare to see mammals larger than gerbils on sale around these parts, and more rare to see kittens. They were so young they would not be on sale for another month. They and the other animals seemed well-reared and healthy, and were kept with others of their kind so as to not be lonely, thank goodness. The grown up ones were also very friendly, but these kittens were just so playful I had to film them. The shop owner even let me hold the one in the foreground. I recently lost a neighborhood stray kitten to a tragic death, and holding the little floofeh snorglepuff felt so nice. I just felt so bad putting it back in the enclosure, as it was trying to get back out. Oh, when I get my own apartment ...


  1. I used to have a kitten too, not sure of its breed, but it has fur the same color as goldie hawn's crowning glory... very very playful.. he would wait at corridors and when he had the chance, he would pound on my feet... honestly I was just a kid then, so I was terrified of this little bully. So I made sure I carried along with me a cane if I had to pass by the corridors.

    So if you like playful and hyper active ones, go for the gold coat and long tail ones.. ;-p