Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gayathri and The Unknown

A little over a year after the release of her debut album, The Unknown, Dubai-raised and sometimes -based vocalist and musician Gayathri treated the city to a special concert to kick off her international tour of the album. Incidentally, the crowd-funding campaign for The Unknown was the first such campaign in which I participated, and I was well-acquainted with her melding of visual art with music from her local concerts in 2011.

The concert -- held in a VOX Cinemas movie hall in the Mall of the Emirates -- did not disappoint at all, musically or visually, and was a heartwarming showcase of the camaraderie among many of the musicians in Dubai. The beautiful animated backdrops for the show were produced in partnership with The Animation Chamber, and other collaborators included vocalist Boyan (for a duet), harpist Diana Pandova (for a Hindi song), and other local musicians in her band. Gayathri's performance itself was top-notch, with her spiritedly belting out the best of her album -- including "Greatest Love Story", which I liked a lot -- and her other favorites, and closing on the audience-engaging number "The Elopement".

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