Monday, August 5, 2013

The Beginning of Thinking is Geometric at Maraya Art Gallery

Last week, I made my first trip to Sharjah since my previous car got destroyed, meaning I quickly got lost without my old dashboard GPS. Fortunately, Maraya Art Centre was open until midnight that night, and I got to see what I came to see: The Beginning of Thinking is Geometric.

Senna by Mobius Design Studio and Faysal Tabbarah

Each of the works in this modestly-sized exhibition embody some geometric concept, and almost all were made by different artists using different media.

A few of the works especially stood out for creativity and presentation, not in the least including the poster feature by Fayçal Baghriche, which replaced all the background colors and symbols of the worlds flags with a continuous deep blue sky, leaving only the flags' stars intact.

Elective Purification by Fayçal Baghriche

Other interesting pieces included Hayv Kahraman's over-sized sliding puzzle depicting body modification, and Nasir Nasrallah's surrealist sketch book. The exhibition is open until September 30th at the Maraya Art Gallery.


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