Saturday, May 10, 2014

Star TOO prototypes Why Cross

This year, local experimental theatre troupe Star TOO is extending experimentation to the development process, staging a preview run of its latest production, Why Cross, aiming to invite and discuss feedback from audience members.

The shows were staged in a warehouse in Al Quoz, within a "majlis" of fabric hung from scaffolding -- a setup reminiscent of that used by Theater Mitu in Odyssey last year -- with audience members seated around the corners.

The play began with a little build-an-object game involving audience members. A series of scenes ensued, each framed in different mythological, historical and contemporary contexts, to address different aspects of the character of Lilith, the original rebel.

The actors used a number of interesting techniques of motion and blocking in this play; memorable instances included the tree, the painting/un-painting (left), and Socrates' trial (right). It was also an audio-visually spectacular experience, thanks to good use of sound and projection, and especially the brilliant implementation and manipulation of lighting.

After the curtain call and awards, we sat ourselves in a circle outside for a not-so-little feedback session.

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