Saturday, February 1, 2014

At the crossroads in Al Quoz Pond Park

The last major park on my list, Al Quoz Pond Park is a pretty good deal: it's conveniently located right at the intersection of Meydan Road and Al Khail Road, with a view of the downtown skyline, and while there's not a lot of turf, it's trim, clean and well-kept.

The pond is large and surprisingly beautiful, with Caribbean-like blue-green waters, light sand, and three small rocky islands. It's fenced off, but one can at least enjoy the sight of it while walking, jogging, or using the public exercise equipment on the rubberized track that runs along its shore.

There are also a bunch of facilities, including a kids' play area and a baseball park, although these appear to be for residents only (not sure how exactly this status is demonstrated). Entry is free, but there are no vendors inside or within easy reach, so it would be advisable to bring one's own refreshments.

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