Friday, October 21, 2011

Oktoberfest Dinner

Had an awesome Oktoberfest dinner at the Brauhaus in Jumeirah Rotana.

And I've never seen cowbells being played before. Regardless, this is an impressive performance.


  1. Some kind of tyrolean in Dubai ? Haha, I've never imagined this before.

  2. Vhere are zee pride of Germans, zer big bossomy beer maids with zheir big pitches of bitter!??!?

  3. Unt akhshully, vee did haff zee fraus ein zee dirndls.

    Although they were not as bosomy - the bodice necklines of the dirndls they wore came up to almost the collarbone. It was outrageous, not to mention inauthentic. Since the dirndl has a blouse beneath, there was not even any modesty-related reason to not have an authentic supportive bodice.