Friday, March 4, 2011

Taste of Dubai 2011

March is a happening month for Dubai, and what better way to hit it off than with Taste of Dubai. My favorite nibblefest annually turns Dubai Media City amphitheatre park into a smorgasbord of delicacies from all over town.

With DMC towering all around, chefs and restaurants offer their distinctive culinary icons in sample-sized but hearty morsels.

VIP Lounge

One of the fine dining courts

Jun Tanaka demonstrating preparation of venison and monkfish (audience allowed to sample, yummy-yum-yum)

ToD version of Iron Chef

Satay Gai for starters

A bit of Peking Duck

Grilled grouper cooked savory with vegetables

Scotch Egg

Vegetable kofta with rice

Braised lamb with beans and mash

Beef cheek with horseradish



  1. Mmmmh, yummy ! I suppose the food is quite expansive in the desert. Is there some good french restaurants ? :)

  2. Eh, I'd say the food prices in Dubai restaurants are fairly competitive.

    French restaurants? Hmm, there's Entrecote Cafe de Paris, Madeleine, Eric Kayser and such. It's not one of the dominant cuisines here, but there are quite a few places here serving French.

  3. the colorful food.. making me very hungry now! gonna make myself a nice toast with soft boiled eggs now!
    good morning! =^.^=