Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tea Party at Al Shaiba

Last night, I went to see Hairspray with relatives and friends (yes, it was awesome). To assemble attendees prior to the event, I decided to host a tea party. It has been my dream to do so ever since I read about the dark arts of tea sandwich preparation.

To begin with, that quintessential tea sandwich of thin cucumber slices between slices of buttered bread. I added a touch of finely chopped mint.

Next, sandwiches of salmon pâté sprinkled with fresh dill.

Finally, my own concoction to add a regional flavour: finely diced tomato, strained, with za'atar tossed in, placed between slices of bread spread with labneh.

And, of course, tea!


  1. Waow ! Very well done and good idea ! Your friends might love you very much haha !

    Only tea with milk ? :o

  2. Well, the tea in the pot is raw black. I put cream and sugar on the side in their respective serving cups.

  3. After spending all my life living in dorms as a student or with my parents, I guess finally having a place of my own has unleashed my pent-up hosting drive. ^_^

  4. wow i love sandwiches too! and the milk tea looks good, love the setting. ;-)

  5. Thanks. That is a big compliment coming from a host par excellence like yourself.

    Yes, I really love that tea set too. I also have a 4-cup Chinese tea set that I use after serving Eastern Asian food.

    You know, last weekend, I finally used that aluminium stove kettle I bought months ago ... brewed some nice afternoon masala chai, and served with gingernut cookies.