Sunday, May 2, 2010

Veg Pancit Canton and Tocino Chicken

This time, I actually used recipes. Although, to paraphrase Pirates of the Caribbean, they were used more like guidelines. That George Foreman grill sure comes in handy.

R: Pancit Canton, stir-fried with peppers, snow peas, baby corn and grilled tofu

L: Chicken breast, marinated two nights in yoghurt and Tocino, grilled with spring onions, served with lightly grilled bok choy drizzled with oyster sauce

All laid out and ready to eat

Satisfied customers

Washed down with woody herbal tea



  1. Waow, very well done Sohan ! :-)

  2. Thanks. It's my first time making Philippino food. Now that I have my own house and kitchen, more such experiments shall follow. *_*

    Hopefully without too many casualties. ~_^

  3. Great ! I look forward to your next recipes ! :-)

  4. Tocino is one of the Pinoy dishes I enjoy.

  5. Drop in on my stately manor sometime then. ^_^

  6. Aiyo! looks so delicious! I like recipes that are simple and easy to follow.. but ET is just the opposite.
    btw, may i know what is woody herbal tea?

    edit: oops, spelling errors..