Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dubai Jazz Festival 2010

Due to some emergency work spill-over, I could not attend my preferred night (Feb 14th, the all-pianist night) of Network Jazz Garden this DJF. I still made it to the last night, and had a good time of it. Lots of art to check out, lots of people milling around, and great venue at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. The first act, Gabriel Coburger's Quintet Jean-Paul from the Hamburg jazz scene, was not really my style, but others seemed to like their show. More to my liking was the last act, led by "sax-man" Jaared (by the way, the two A's in that name remind me of Bollywood's "auspicious" naming practices). A spontaneous, engaging chap with excellent form on the woodwind, his tunes are well worth a listen. And where else can you hear a composition entitled "No Nachos for Kittens"?

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