Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Gun Murugan: The Return of the Legend

MTV meme celebrity Quick Gun Murugan is back in his own movie. A South Indian "vegetarian cowboy", he first became famous from his two-minute spots on MTV back in the mid-90's, for his Dravidian witticisms, Bond-like bravado and ridiculously superhuman feats of marksmanship. I'm betting that more than a few Southies (and maybe even a few Northies) are going to get nicknamed "Quick Gun" in college campuses across India. Anyway, this soundtrack number, sung by Mika Singh, is really catchy. Mind it!



  1. Certainly made BY Bollywood.

    Whether it was made IN Bollywood is a different question. It's quite possible that it isn't, and it certainly doesn't feature dancers from Bollywood. Locales and locals of foreign lands have long been the hallmarks of the "creamy layer" of Bollywood films, since only the more expensively-produced films could be shot abroad and feature foreign extras.

  2. Cool! Love the character (how not to like a vegetarian cowboy) but the music is a little typical.